1987-1995: Double Bass player with many different bands (irish, chanso, Rock, Folk etc), touring Europe extensively, playing live concerts and in the streets

1993: Formed band "Naklada. 1993: Release of the album "The Dwarf Inside https://davidjohnhull.bandcamp.com/album/the-dwarf- inside-1993

1995: "Normal And Weird Songs" (cassette) https://davidjohnhull.bandcamp.com/album/normal-wierd-songs-1995

1999: David releases "Kitchen Recs", with the Spanish record label Grabaciones En El Mar, produced in  collaboration with Berlin  musicians  Barbara Morgenstern, Masha quella, Niels Loranz(Quarks) https://davidjohnhull.bandcamp.com/album/kitchen-recs-1999

2005: "Through The Door"- his first self-produced album. It's classical flavour is enriched by cellos, violins and double basses.  Co-produced with the singer/songwriter Milenasonghttps://soundcloud.com/milenasong                                                                                               https://davidjohnhull.bandcamp.com/album/through-the-door-2005

2007:  An album of songs "Who Really Knows"  recorded with his old friend and collaborator Tom Curiano producer/arranger/musician together with Tom's late wife, visual artist Katia Bassanini https://davidjohnhull.bandcamp.com/album/who-really-knows-2009

2009: Release of a 6 album box set.

2010: "Times like these (my berlin Songs)" - Compilation of outtakes and unreleased stuff https://davidjohnhull.bandcamp.com/album/times-like-these-my-berlin-songs-bits-bobs-demos

2014: Release of the album "Wrap them up" https://davidjohnhull.bandcamp.com/album/wrap-them-up-2014

2016: Rural Sketch (Album release)  https://davidjohnhull.bandcamp.com/album/rural-sketch-2016

2016 :Music project with Estonian experimental violinist- Elo Masing called "Golden dark"http://goldendark.weebly.com/

2017: Planned release of "golden darks" first album



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