London-born, Berlin-based singer/ songwriter DAVID JOHN HULL first embarked on his offbeat musical journey during the mid-1980s. Back then, the notorious Wall dividing his adopted hometown was still firmly in place. He started cutting his musical teeth playing double bass (badly) with Berlin punk-jazz outfit The Magoo Brothers before featuring alongside violinist Rachel Clarke in Naklada: an experimental, Velvet Underground-influenced ensemble mixing John Cale-esque distorted violin in with their art-rock potpourri. Further spells playing double bass (rather more successfully) with numerous chanson/ punk/ folk outfits such as Petite Marie Te Regarde and Zimt Fisch followed before David cut the cord and went solo, accruing songs while touring the States and Europe before finally making his solo debut with 1995’s immortally-titled Normal And Weird Songs: a largely acoustic affair originally released only on cassette with screen-printed artwork supplied by Jerry Sweet. Though released by Spanish label Grabaciones En El Mar in 1999, David’s intimate second LP, Kitchen Recs was actually recorded live in Ole Jarchov’s flat/ studio in Berlin with input from some hip young German electronic musicians of the time including Barbara Morgenstern and Nils Lorenz from The Quarks, plus fellow respected Berlin singer/ songwriter Aidan Bartley. David co-produced his third, 2005’s Through The Door; its classical flavour enriched by cellos, violins and double basses and the input of Norwegian singer/ songwriter/ co-producer Milenasong, but also informed by Hull’s love of Sandy Denny and classic ‘70s British folk. Determined to go his own sweet way, David then quickly resurfaced with 2007’s Who Really Knows? accomplished collaboration with New York-based multi-instrumentalist Tom Curiano (see also Nell Bryden and James Marks) and his now sadly late wife, respected visual artist Katia Bassanini, it was – and remains - a polished, unashamedly pop-flavoured collection and its most memorable tracks (Reality, Easy On The Soul) found Curiano’s lush, chiming arrangements fitting Hull’s bittersweet lyrical fists like a velvet glove. Its full-length follow-up, Wrap Them Up, has been a long time coming, though there have been further fascinating diversions along the way: notably 2009’s 8-track EP Piano Songs (wherein the clue’s in the title) and 2011’s Times Like These: My Berlin Songs, which sounds far more cohesive and downright stellar than an 18-track assortment of rarities and out-takes from previous releases should by rights. Come February 2014, however, David is finally ready to release his fifth full-length studio LP, Wrap Them Up. It’s had a lengthy gestation, but it’s been worth it, for its 12 tracks are among the best Hull has made up to date. Producer/ mixer Christian Betz holds a steady hand on the tiller, further textures are painted in by flute, violin, mandolin and even toy piano. Stylistically, Wrap Them Up is elusive, but all the stronger for existing outside of the vagaries of fashion. With Hull’s brittle acoustic guitar and endearingly vulnerable, Peter Perrett-esque croon to the fore, introspection is often the order of the day. So that’s Wrap Them Up all wrapped up. It’s the latest – and greatest - installment from a singular performer whose shunning of the industry’s typical ‘career plan’ (i.e. the corporate stuff like the minutiae of record contracts, big studio budgets etc) has done nothing to prevent him quietly amassing a formidable back catalogue. It’s still out there for you to discover, so wrap it up, bring it on home and savour. Tim Peacock (Record Collector magazine)

David John Hull

A musician and hammers fan. (Being born a stone throw from Upton Park and having your Granddad as first Mayor of Newham, there was no escaping. that fact.)
Middle of the 80' David’s going nowhere fast, flees first to Australia, then other places and lands finally in West Berlin (Schöneberg). Every thing is possible for the Coventry trained black & white radio & television engineer, sportsman type of guy -so he teaches himself double bass, But first after the tour, with the punk jazz band “The Magoo Brothers. No sign though of any musical direction; he’s in it for the beer, an early indicator of his slacker tendencies

1989 the wall falls: much to David's annoyance, but likes the cheap rents in the East, so hello Prenzlauerberg and soon there after the USA.
The USA is too large anyway his modesty suits Europe more
Forms the experimental rock band: Naklada with the Scottish violinist Rachel Clarke in 1992 releases in 1993 the debut album “The Dwarf Inside”.

1994 David recognises the genius of the film director ED Wood in himself Nevertheless he does not wear pink Angora pullovers, but blue.)

1995 produces first solo album “Normal and Weird Songs” (on cassette ). Chance meeting with his mentor, the psychedelic, grunge, Detroit, musician come part time guru, Jeff Tarlton.

1999 goes to Spain, where the label Grabaciones sign him and release the CD “Kitchen Recs”, records it in Berlin though, with some hip young Germans: Barbara Morgenstern, Masha Quella, Niels Lorenz (Quarks), Snorre Schwarz and singer’s songwriter Bill Direen and Aidan Bartley.
Working in Schokoladen (squat house), neither at plenums or as a barman is recognised for his over eagerness, but opens in 2000, the legendary music bar “Acoustic Moon.Club” and in 2005 just around the corner, the Hotel bar: ”Focus Pocus”.
In addition he is manager and later busks with Aidan Bartley and Dominic Harris, the English Folk duo “Easter Island ”, (for which he organizes spontaneous concerts in European undergrounds train stations), English teacher, Summer camp pedagogue, courier driver and not forgetting Waiter.

2005 appears “Through the Door”, its first solo produced album. Folk enriched with classical instruments. In a Co-production with the Norwegian: Milenasong.

2007 “Who Really Knows” finishes a transatlantic Co production with its old friend Tom Curiano, from New York and Toms (in the meantime unfortunately deceased wife ) the visual artist Katia Bassanini.

2011 “Time Like these, My Berlin Songs” 17 Outtakes of earlier albums, released on the lAcoustic Recording company. Label.

2012 begins recording for the new album, which is not yet called “Wrap Them UP”,
in co-operation with producer, Christian Betz.
Since 2012 David playing live with The Boston- nite guitarist Allen Devine
The 2014 record release of the new album: “Wrap Them Up” Working with the Australian singer Sarah Asling

1987-1995: Double Bass player with many different bands (irish, chanson, Rock, Folk etc), touring Europe extensively, playing live concerts and in the streets

1993: Formed band "Naklada. 1993: Release of the album "The Dwarf Inside inside-1993

1995: Release of "Normal And Weird Songs" (cassette)

1999: Release of "Kitchen Recs", with the Spanish record label Grabaciones En El Mar, produced in  collaboration with Berlin  musicians  Barbara Morgenstern, Masha quella, Niels Loranz(Quarks)

2005: Release of "Through The Door"- his first self-produced album. It's classical flavour is enriched by cellos, violins and double basses.  Co-produced with the singer/songwriter Milenasong                                                                                     

2007:  release of "Who Really Knows"  recorded with his old friend and collaborator Tom Curiano producer/arranger/musician together with Tom's late wife, visual artist Katia Bassanini

2009: Release of a 6 album box set. 

2011:Release of "Times like these (my berlin Songs)" - Compilation of outtakes and unreleased stuff

2014: Release of "Wrap Them up"

2016: Release of "Rural Sketch"

2016 :Music project with Estonian experimental violinist- Elo Masing called "Golden dark"

2017: Planned release of "Golden Darks" first album



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